Relationship counselling following time in jail

When one member of a relationship spends time in jail, it can have negative effects on the relationship no matter how long they have spent in jail. Here are some of the ways that relationship counselling can help both members of the couple to deal with the experience.  Moral implications of the crime In the case of some crimes, the person who has not served time may struggle to deal with the fact that their partner has been found guilty of a crime.

Why Your Family Should Get Routine Counselling

Counselling is often seen as something you do when you go through a divorce or there has been a major trauma in the family, but this isn't the only reason to get professional help. Having your family go to counselling on a routine basis is a good idea for many reasons. Here are some reasons to go to family counselling. There is Better Balance in the Family A common issue with children, especially adolescents and teens, is feeling like they aren't part of the family.

The differences between anxiety and depression

Keeping your mental health in check is extremely important, but this isn't an easy task, particularly because it can be difficult to identify which mental health issues are affecting you in the first place. One of the main areas of confusion in mental health is with being able to distinguish the differences between anxiety and depression. For many people, feeling bad is just feeling bad. And this isn't helped by the fact that there is definitely some overlap between the two, and a person can have symptoms of both anxiety and depression.